We prepare outstanding cuisine – a fusion of local tradition and international spice.


We strive to deliver good quality home food based on local fresh ingredients. We combine the local specialties such as reindeer, various kinds of fish, fresh mussels, fiskekake (Norwegian-style fishcakes) with international cuisine creating a fusion allowing you to taste Norwegian North with a touch of foreign influence. We are particularly proud with our selection of soups based on Norwegian tradition of nutricious food enriched with an international spice, particularly appreciated in winter after a long and successful tour.

We start a day with a breakfast consisting of yoghurts and muesli, selection of meats and cheeses, on request an omelette of various kinds or eggs.

A local polar-bread sandwich is prepared for you to take away for a tour, and you will have a selection of snacks and fruits for your choice. We also offer hot flasks.

For dinner we typically prepare nutritious soups of all kinds (Uløybukt fish soup and bean/lentil soup being our pride) or fresh mussels as zuppa di cozze, followed by a course of baked fish, fiskekake, reindeer stew, Finnmark schnitzel or a raclette with pickles. An addition of various kinds of potatoes or long forgotten types of groats (such as millet once widely used in Norway) complements the meal.

Our crystal-clear water and soft drinks (apple juice, coke) are always available for you during meals.




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