During the summer, the snow allMarzena_Hmielewicz-2696 but disappears leaving behind an island of green meadows, meandering rivers, roaring waterfalls and turquoise lakes, perfect for great days out and exploring.

Experience nature at its wildest, plus the spectacular vistas, solitude and tranquility that is unique to this very special island of Uløya.

We can also offer you boat tours to the fjords and the other islands and islets in the area.

Choose our Summer Hiking Week – NOK 19 500 with guiding and food.

Typical programme includes:

  • DAY 1 – arrival in the evening, dinner
  • DAY 2 – a hike to Arontinden (563m) with a fantastic view over the little islands and the exit of Lyngen Fjord to the open ocean.

Arontinden is a mountain dominating the north-east tip of Uløya. Its northern wall falls dawn to the open sea creating a striking panorama. 5 mins drive takes you to the beginning of the trail.

The walk is gentle, yet continuously up, takes about 2-3 hrs to the top and 1-2 hr down. It’s very beautiful, meanders amongst trees at first, then goes up on the open plains with some stones and rocks and with great views to all sides.  The view from the top is remarkable and it is long remembered – an epic panorama of Lyngen Peninsula, open ocean and the archipelago of islands. The way down on the same track, but it is also possible to take a longer way, along the wide crest of Reinrabben amongst the multiple lakes.

  • Highlights – spectacular views in all directions
  • Wildlife – chance to meet moose, reindeer, birds, eagles
  • Duration – 4-6 hrs
  • DAY 3 – a day-long hike to Saeteraksla (1000m) with stunning views over 1000 m drop down to Rotsund Straight and a unique glacial cirque of Isvannet mountain lake.

Seateraksla creates a south-east aspect of Uløya island. Gentle to the north it’s almost vertical to the south. Standing on the top you get a feeling of being directly over the fjord.

The trip starts right at the lodge and follows arctic woods and then goes up on the open terrain. The big Mettengelva waterfall is passed on the left, then the trail follows the crest on the right of the stream. After 2-3 hrs we arrive at the vast Isvannet Lake (600m) and the spectacular mountain cirque of Uløytinden (1113 m). A further walk of 2-3 hrs takes us to the top, from where a breathtaking panorama of Lyngen Alps and Kafjord Alps opens up. A striking view down on the Rotsund Straight sends shivers down your spine.  A walk down the same way takes about 2-3 hrs.

  • Highlights – wild mountain environment, spectacular views over the lake and fjord
  • Wildlife – chance to meet moose, reindeer, birds, eagles
  • Duration – 6-9 hrs
  • DAY 4 – Seafishing and boating day

The let your legs relax we go seafishing with our boats (all equipment supplied). During a 2-3 hrs trip you get a chance to admire the views of the islands from water. There is also a chance to see many sea birds and eagles. If you’re lucky, a group of dolphins may come around.

Of course, you should be able to catch one of the large codfish or even a halibut!

  • DAY 5 – a trip to Reisa national Park – a hike around Unna or optionally a boat trip along Reisa river to the Mollisfossen waterfalls (extra cost NOK 1000).

We drive to outside of Bilto town (about 1-1,5 hrs drive) in the beautiful Reisa valley (great landscapes along the way) from where we have 2 options: either a walk around Unna or a boat trip to Mollisfossen waterfall. A hike is very beautiful and presents the true beauty and wilderness.  The hike is gentle, goes up to 400m, and takes about 2-3 hrs.

The boat trip (extra cost NOK 1000 per person) takes about the same time (3-4 hrs) and takes you to one of Europe’s largest waterfalls 269 meters high with a 140 meter free waterfall. You can take a walk behind the falls admiring 6 tonnes of water per second cascading right before you. A tea made over a fire is served at Mollisfossen.

Reisa is famous not just for landscapes, but also for its wildlife. It’s possible to see many rare birds, eagles or moose and reindeer both on a hike and during the boat ride.

  • Highlights – a nature reservation area with lavish nature and great mountains. A boat trip to one of Europe’s largest waterfalls (269 m). A chance to walk behind the falling water.
  • Wildlife – all kinds of small birds, eagles, moose and reindeer.
  • Duration – 3-4 hrs, 8 hrs from/to the lodge
  • DAY 6 – Uløya’s „ Côte d’Azur”

This is a fantastic and unusual track which follows a kind of riviera on the north side of the island. The path goes up and down to the rocky beaches and numerous rock towers creating a totally unusual landscape. Rock arches, lonely pinnacles exchange with gentle meadows and beaches covered with ocean-polished rocks.  It’s one of the hidden gems known only to the few, many locals come here for their walks.

  • Highlights – very picturesque walk, with many rock towers and rocky beaches
  • Wildlife – chance to meet reindeer, birds
  • Duration – 3-4 hrs, but may be extended to 6-8 hrs
  • DAY 7 – a trip to the beautiful  Valhalla Valley on the Kågen island (450m)

A fantastic and monumental valley with picturesque lake and a vertical, 550 m granite wall which has never been climbed. The hike starts after we drive to Kågen island (about 1 hr) and follows a gentle path. After another hour we enter the valley, which we follow for another 1-2 hrs until we arrive at the lake and at the foot of the Valhalla Wall.

  • Highlights – great nature, high mountain lake and a monumental rock wall
  • Wildlife – chance to meet reindeer, birds
  • Duration – 3-4 hrs, 5-6 hrs from the lodge
  • DAY 8 – departure in the morning


  • Additional alternative to day 5 or 6 – a hike to Storberget (450m)

Storberget is a flat mountain overlooking Uløya from the east. We cross the fjord to the mainland Ravelseidet from where a very nice path take us to the very scenic plateau which continues for several kilometres offering very nice views. Finally we arrive at the edge of the cliff, from where a striking and memorable view opens up. It’s a very nice hike with unforgettable panoramas.

  • Highlights – spectacular view from the top of the 350m vertical cliff
  • Wildlife – chance to meet moose, reindeer, birds, eagles
  • Duration – 3-4 hrs, 4-5 hrs from the lodge
  • A trip to Skjervøy – a picturesque port town located in a valley between mountains and the fjord. It is the capital of the commune.








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