Ski Touring

Nowhere else in the world it is possible to find thousand-metre slopes, inclined at almost any angle, perfect for experts or beginners alike, and falling right into the dark blue waters of the fjords.



If you were a magician and could produce the most perfect ski touring venue in the World, Uløya would be the result. You can go just about anywhere, and in the spring and winter powder snow is guaranteed. Nowhere else in the world it is possible to find thousand-metre slopes, inclined at almost any angle, perfect for experts or beginners alike, and falling right into the dark blue waters of the fjords.

We invite you for an unforgettable ski touring experience.

    • We operate both Private Groups and Open Groups.
    • With Open Groups you can join as an individual (or a couple). The group shares a guide and the same lodge but private bedrooms are provided. We run intermediate and advanced groups (check requirements). Here we only offer full package with guiding and catering. CHECK AVAILABLE DATES.
      • 2-9 MAR intermediate (6 spots)
      • 9-16 MAR intermediate (6 spots)
      • 23-30 MAR intermediate (6 spots)
      • 13-20 APR intermediate (6 spots)
      • 27 APR – 04 MAY intermediate (6 spots)
    • Private Groups get a private lodge and a private guide so you are fully independent both in your lodging and trips. Min 3 persons.
    • FOR BOOKING INFO CALL +47 900 28 697 (English) or WHATSAPP,
  • 7-day stays (or any other length of stay upon request) for groups of 3 to 6 people.
  • Accommodation is in our comfy, warm, fully equipped apartments, complete with basement changing and drying rooms.
  • Ski-touring guiding is provided by our internationally respected IVBV / IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations) guides. Each group gets a dedicated guide.
  • Modern, safe 8.5m and 7.5m, 150 HP aluminium boats all at your disposal.
  • Dates from the mid-February to mid-May.
    • WITH FULL BOARD:  NOK 35 000 per person
    • self cooking: NOK 31 000 per person (not available for open groups)
    • min 3 persons (or extra charge)
    • discounts for larger groups (over 4 pax)  from 3% to 7,5% (not applicable to open groups)
    • check details HERE

…plus powder snow, lots of powder snow, fjords, remote mountains and even more powder snow!

TYPICAL ITENERARY – Arctic Ski Touring Week

As a private tour, the itinerary for this experience is very flexible. There are many different routes that can be chosen depending on weather and snow conditions and the group’s level of fitness and experience. The area in which the tour takes place is very remote and conditions such as storms, avalanches, road closures due to extreme weather or even water shortages, which may affect the itinerary and accessibility of some route options. Information below is a general guide to some of the possible options for tours during the week. Ultimately, your guide will decide about each trip based on current weather, snow conditions and safety precautions.

Day 1: Arrival to Uløya

Private transfer or public transport (depending on option chosen) from Tromsø (approx. 4 hours) or Sørkjosen (approx. 1 hour) to the ski touring centre on the island of Uløya. If taking private transfer, transfer can be offered in connection with any scheduled flight arrival time to Tromsø or Sørkjosen, however, we recommend that you book your flights to arrive in Tromso before 15:00 and to depart from Tromso after 14:00.

Here you will check in to your comfortable apartment for your first night in the beautiful Lyngen region.

Days 2-7: Ski tours on Uløya, Lyngen Islands and the mainland

Each day your guide will choose a suitable route to showcase the best of this beautiful region, with tours adapted depending on the group’s level of fitness and experience and on weather and snow conditions.

There are many possible tours to choose from. Vehicle is included for tours on the mainland, and also up to two tours using boat to access additional regions such as neighbouring islands and the Lyngen Alps.

Possible peaks you may visit include:

  • Blåtinden (1142m), accessible right from the door
  • Saeteraksla (966m), accessible right from the door
  • Kjelvagtinden (1104m) (ferry/boat)
  • The Grand Traverse of Uløya, Uløybukt-Havnnes, 17 km, 2200m (boat)
  • The traverse of Kågen Island through Redotinden (860m), (car/boat)
  • The Crystal Valley (1020m), Kågen Island (boat)
  • Store Kagtinden (1228m), Kågen Island (boat)
  • Trolltinden (898m), Arnøya Island (boat)
  • Sorbmegeisa (1288), mainland, Kåfjord Alps (car/boat/ferry)
  • Storhaugen (1142), mainland Kåfjord Alps, (car/boat/ferry)
  • Lyngen peninsula, accessible by car/ferry or boat
  • Many additional possibilities on the mainland and the islands

If you wish to try your hand at sea-fishing you can have it as an alternative to one of the ski days, when you have a very good chance of catching dinner! It is not uncommon to catch 30kg of fish during a trip, but if you’re lucky enough to beat the current record and catch a halibut weighing more than 77.6kg, you’ll get a free bottle of wine!

Day 8: Departure

Your week of ski touring in the Lyngen region draws to a close. Breakfast followed by public transport or private transfer to Tromsø for onward travel. If taking private transfer, transfer can be offered in connection with any scheduled flight departure time from Tromsø.

The ski-tours start right at the doorstep of our house. For example, a 15km trip takes you to the top of Blåtinden (1142) from where you can ski straight down to our front door again, just in time for a cold beer (or 2?) and a hot sauna.

The other options on Uløya include famous Grand Traverse which is a 20km skywalk along Blåtinden , Uløytinden and Kjevagtinden ridge with an exhilerating descent run to a small village of Havnnes on the other side of the island. This is one of the top tours in the whole Lyngen area, a true must-do.

Saeteraksla tour is also a great option, with amazing views over Rotsund straight and unforgettable slopes leading directly to our lodge.

Fancy something different?  Take a trip to explore neighbouring islands such as Kågen or Arnøya, with their pristine slopes and amazing mountains. Getting to Kågen  involves beach-landing, which is an unforgettable experience, and allows us to reach remote and rarely visited places such as Crystal Valley (amazing ride down from the top of Crystal Peak), Valhalla Valley or Redotind Valley. We also go to somewhat more popular Store Kågtinden 1226, one of the most striking and highest mountains in the area.

We also go to visit Kåfjord Alps on the mainland with their stunning peaks of Sorbmegeisa, Rissavarri and the most popular Storhaugen. All those peaks offer breathtaking views over Lyngen Alps and truly fantastic slopes.

Climbing – ice or rock, your thing? Ice cascades, virgin couloirs and the rock walls of the Isvannet valley all wait for you.

Having a rest-day? Fancy trying your hand at sea fishing? Not a problem – we are surrounded by the fishing grounds where you can catch your dinner. Probably enough for another night as well – catching 30kg of fish is not unusual. And just in case you happen to beat our record – currently a 77,6kg halibut – you get a bottle of wine.

This is the far north my friends, this is THE ARCTIC!


Because the air is very dry and the snow hardly gets compressed we have perfect powder snow almost all the time. In late spring, especially in May, the surface is perfect, thanks to melting during the day which when frozen again at night, creates an ideal sliding layer several centimetres thick.


Uløya offers a multitude of interesting ski tours, including the most famous –The Grand Traverse of Uløya – 20 km of ridge skiing from Uløybukt to Havnes taking in Blåtinden (1142m), Uløytinden (1114m) and Kjelvagtinden (1104m). The uniqueness of this very airy ridge lies in its topography – a line of peaks runs north to south with almost vertical walls falling away to the east, 500m down to dozens of lakes and tarns, including the two largest on Uløya- Isvannet and Blåvannet. In contrast, the west side is a much gentler slope making it ideal for skiing. This perfect combination of the spectacular views to the east and the ideal skiing conditions to the west is why the UløyaTraverse is so famous.


Uløya’s trips start right at your doorstep. The best of these routes, and one of the most interesting in the whole Lyngen area, is a loop of Blåtinden. This is a 15km trip with a total elevation of 1200m, beginning and ending in Uløybukt. One of the most exciting attractions on this amazing route is an amazing descent from a summit to a  plateau below, from where a wonderful run descends 1000m.


The summit of Saeteraksla (956m) is another beautiful scenic tour, which goes along Lake Isvannet and the Uløytinden valley. This route holds an additional attraction in the shape of 500m half-pipe, an unusual but completely natural formation.


Ski-touring is not limited to Uløya. Within range of our boats are the Lyngen Alps with their impressive peaks, and also the rarely visited islands of Kågen and Arnøya. The routes they offer are less well known, but belong to some of the very best of the whole Lyngen area and become more and more popular every year. places like Crystal Valley, Store Kågtinden or Valhalla Valley belong to true treasures of the whole Arctic. Just check out this short video from Crystal Peak taken in early May.